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  • Inteolliflo 2vst Variable Speed Pump Are you shopping for a new generation, revolutionary power saver designed Variable Speed Pump for your corona home swimming pool?  This new generation of pumps is the perfect choice you should make to save

    Clean & Clear® Plus Cartridge Filters Manuals Brochures CDs, DVDs and Videos Dimensional Drawings Replacement Parts Specs Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Tank Clean & Clear Plus

    EasyTouch® Control Systems Pool/Spa Control SystemsThe EasyTouch Control System family offers a new level of control for homeowner's looking for an affordable, easy to use pool/spa control system. EasyTouch allows full control of all pool/spa

    Regardless of the type of filter in use on a specific pool or spa, it is essential that it be of proper size and used for an adequate duration to provide clean water. A properly sized filter is essential for adequate water filtration. But knowing how

      by Marcelle Cibrell When it comes to water quality, the pool and spa service professional has two goals: making the water safe and free of any disease-carrying bacteria, and ensuring that the pool and spa look inviting. The first goal is


    HOW VARIABLE-SPEED PUMPS SAVE ENERGY When we talk about pool renovations, repairs and retrofits that reduce a pool's energy consumption, the focus typically turns to the pump, because it consumes more energy than any other piece of pool equipment.

    The most commonly performed surface revitalization technique is acid washing. That's because acid washing can do wonders to remove stains and other discolorations. That said, acid washing is not an answer for every problem. For example, if the

    reasons to convert to a variable-speed pump

    There are plenty of reasons to convert to a variable-speed pump: they are quieter; they can be programmed to run at different speeds for specific tasks; and they are even required in many areas. But the NO. 1 reason to convert from a single-speed

    Brookside Pools offers iAqualink 2.0

    Brookside Pools offers iAqualink 2.0, it's the newest version of their pool and spa control system that affords a simplified installation process. The zodiac company is also working with automation control manufacturers such as URC  and Crestron, to

      HOW ALGICIDES WORK/ pool service corona, The EPA doesn't exert much control over most specialty chemicals, but when it comes to making claims to be an algicide, it must be registered and approved as such with the EPA. To be classified as

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