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    Having a pool on your property is a way to make your home stand out among others. Pools increase home values, heighten quality of life and may also make you the most popular person in the neighborhood. Imagine floating and drifting along lazily on your pool raft as the day ticks on by. While experiencing a pool can be a stress reliever, the work involved in maintaining a pool is not always easy.The daily act of skimming out debris such as leaves, twigs and bugs is a simple enough task; it is just tedious and may take a while depending on the size of your pool. The more intricate tasks, such as ensuring the correct chemicals are added to the water, and keeping a current maintenance schedule, could be enough work to shy some away from the prospect of pool ownership.

    Corona Pool Service: Weekly Maintenance

    • The pool itself and all the associated filters and pumps are another large aspect of the pool maintenance experience. When the filters (larger pool = multiple filters) clog up with debris, the system must be back washed and cleared.
    • If your pump is performing poorly, water circulation will suffer which in turn promotes the growth of algae and other organisms. Visual inspection of the sides of the pool and hose and filter connections are also needed to ensure no leaks are happening.
    • If you discover that one of the vital components of your pool is broken or needs to be replaced, you can always hire our Corona pool service to replace the part for you. Realize that this is the most expensive route to follow, but that will ensure the job gets done right.
    • Replacement filters and pumps can be straightforward to install, just make sure you turn off all electrical fuses running to the pool before you start work.

    Saltwater Pools

    There are pool technologies that reduce the amount of maintenance needed from the homeowner. Salt water pool systems consist of using salt treated water to cut down on the amount of harsh chemicals needed and the interval of cleanings. Salt water systems are becoming more popular but they are typically more expensive than their standard counterparts.

    It all depends on how much you are willing to spend vs. the amount of work you wish to perform. Pool maintenance is vital to having a healthy pool, daily collection of debris and brushing of sides will keep your pool attractive and in correct chemical composition. When you cover your pool for the fall/winter season, it is easier to bring it back the next spring if proper maintenance measures were taken the year before.

    Weekly service is so important to the overall health and longevity of your pool. A professional Corona pool service can help when figuring out what chemicals your pool needs, and how often. We can help determine the best type of choline, pH increase or decrease and even which shock to use. Maintaining equipment on a weekly basis is a critical factor in extending the life of your pool, and eliminating costly repairs. Contact us if you need a hand with pool service and repair.

  • Our services and service plans

    cleaning DE filtersYes
    Vacuuming the poolYesYes
    clean salt cell yes
    Brushing pool surfacesYes
    Skimming the water surfaceYes
    Emptying the skimmer and pump basketsYes
    Checking the systemYes
    Balancing the water chemistryYes
    Back washing filterYes
    Cleaning cartridgesYes
    Clean and check automatic pool cleanersYes
  • Corona pool maintenance,

    Maintaining Your Pool with Corona Brookside Pool Services

    Being a pool owner sometimes means spending far too much time maintaining and cleaning your pool so you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy, cooling off from the summer heat. But it can also take up a lot of your spare time. If not maintained regularly, equipment can fail, which means you need to close off your pool and call for someone to come out and fix it for you.

    When it comes to pool maintenance, we Aspire to be “The-Best”

    This is where the Corona Brookside Pool Services maintenance team can help. The team understands how important it is for you to have a clean pool ready for swimming in at any time. With over 20 years of experience right here in the Corona area, we know how to get your pool back to perfect. At Corona Brookside Pool Services we can schedule you in for weekly or monthly visits or whenever you need us. We can do the maintenance and cleaning you don’t have time for.

    You might be wondering what happens during a scheduled maintenance and cleaning service. Simply, one of our technicians comes in and does a full pool cleaning for you. This full clean includes the removal of debris from the top and bottom of your pool, a full pool vacuum, cleaning the pump baskets as well as a full clean of the walls of your pool.

    So why should you schedule the Corona Brookside Pool Services maintenance team in for regular cleans? As we all know, leaving debris in the pool can cause your pool water to go slimy as well as discolouring the walls and bottom of your pool. Having the walls of your pool brushed regularly will keep algae from growing. If your pool isn’t kept clean and maintained regularly, you may be up for a replacing an expensive piece of equipment – like your pool pump. Most importantly, regular cleaning can keep bacterial growth at bay, meaning you and your family stay healthy. By keeping control of these items, you can ensure you will be swimming in your pool throughout the year.

    Quality Pool Maintenance Services Tagged with matchless Professionalism

    Have you recently installed a pool and had the internal pool area done in Pebble Tech or plaster? We can prevent your brand new pool from staining and discoloration. Our technicians are trained in keeping pools looking brand new from day one. We can assist in cleaning and maintaining your filter as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as changing the water in your pool.

    At Corona Brookside Pool Services we know how important it is to be able to have your pool fixed as soon as possible if something goes wrong. We sell, install and maintain pool pumps to keep your pool useable. We only use the best Pentair, Hayward and Jandy pumps and if we don’t have the equipment we need to fix your pool, we will order it in.

    We can also supply and maintain pool suction cleaners. Suction cleaners are an effective and convenient way to keep your pool clean between scheduled visits. You can set up the suction cleaner quickly and easily and set it to work, saving you time and without sending you sky high energy bills. Not only can the staff at Corona Brookside Pool Services clean and maintain your pool, but they can also consult for the right equipment for use in your pool, from pumps through to heaters and filters.

    We can schedule in your pool for regular cleaning from $90 per month. We come to you and provide you with a free estimate, and we can ensure that we will never undertake any repairs without discussing this with you first. A swimming pool can be a big investment for you and your family, so don’t waste your time and money with companies that aren’t going to help you. Corona Brookside Pool Services can take care of all the cleaning and maintenance your pool requires, leaving you the time to enjoy your pool.

    At Corona Brookside Pool Services, we stand by our commitment to keep your pool clean.


    Maintaining Your Pool with Corona Brookside Pool Services

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