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  • DE Element Filter System

    November 6, 2017
  • Filter System Over view Your high rate Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter is designed to filter out particles as small as five microns to produce clear, sparkling water. The DE filter element life will vary with pool conditions such as bather load, wind, dust, etc. Water enters the filter through the “inlet” port at the bottom of the filter and is distributed evenly across the DE filter element. The dirt is removed by the element and the clean water flows through the “outlet” port at the bottom of the tank. The clean water is then returned to the pool through the piping or hoses.
    After a period of time, dirt will accumulate in the filter element causing a resistance to the flow of water through the filter. This resistance results in a diminished flow of water and a rise in the pressure of the filter. Eventually the filter element will have removed so much dirt and the filter pressure risen to such a point that it will be necessary to clean your filter.
    This filter operates under high pressure. When any part of the circulating system (e.g., clamp, pump, filter, valves, etc.) is serviced, air can enter the system and become pressurized. Pressurized air can cause the lid or lock ring to separate which may result in serious injury, death, or property damage. To avoid this potential hazard, follow these instructions. 1. Before the assembly, disassembly, or adjustment of the lid, or lock ring or any other service of the circulating system: (a) Turn the pump off and shut off any automatic controls to ensure the system is not inadvertently started during the servicing; (b) Open manual air relief valve; (c) Wait until all pressure is relieved, pressure gauge must read zero (0). 2. Whenever installing the filter lock ring, follow the filter lid and lock ring installation instructions exactly. 3. Once service on the circulating system is complete, follow system restart instructions exactly. 4. Maintain circulation system properly. Replace worn or damaged parts immediately (e.g., lock ring, pressure gauge, relief valve, o-rings, etc.). 5. Be sure that the filter is properly mounted and positioned according to instructions provided.
    Filter System
    DE Element Filter Installation and User’s Guide
    The filter’s function is to remove suspended matter from the water. It does not sanitize the water. For sparkling clear water, the water must be sanitized as well as balanced. Pool chemistry is a specialized area, and you should consult your local pool service specialist for specific details. In general, proper pool sanitation requires a free chlorine level of 1 to 2 PPM and a pH range of 7.2 to 7.6. Your filtration system should be designed to meet your local health codes. As a minimum, you must be sure that your system will turnover the total volume of water in your pool at least twice in a twenty four hour period.
    Read and understand all instructions before attempting to install, operate or maintain your pump and DE filter system. 2. Provide space and lighting for routine maintenance access. Locate the system close to the pool. Install electrical controls at least five (5) feet from the filter. This will allow you enough room to stand clear of the filter during system start up. 3. Remove all individual components from carton and inspect for any visible damage. If carton or parts are damaged contact seller or freight company.
    Failure to operate your filter system or inadequate filtration can cause poor water clarity obstructing visibility in your pool. Poor water clarity may obscure objects in the water which while swimming and diving could cause serious personal injury or death. Never swim in a pool with poor water clarity.
    Figure 1.
    DE Element Filter Installation and User’s Guide
    Table 1. Model Size Required vertical clearance ECDE60 15 sq. ft 36 in ECDE90 30 Sq. ft 68 in
    4. The filter should be mounted on a level concrete slab. Position the filter so that the instructions, warnings and pressure gauge are visible to the operator. Also, position the filter so that the piping connections and drain port are convenient and accessible for servicing and winterizing.
    5. Install electrical controls (e.g., on/off switches, timers control systems, etc.) at least five (5) feet from the filter. This will allow you enough room to stand clear of the filter during system start up.
    6. Provide sufficient clearance around the filter to permit visual verification that the lock ring is properly installed, see Figure 1.
    7. Provide sufficient space above the filter to remove the filter lid or for cleaning and servicing. This distance will vary with the model of filter you are using. See Table 1 below for the required vertical clearance.

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