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EMC – Pentair Intelliflow Pool Pump


 I’m here with my good friend Mike of a pentair water pool and spa we’re here to talk about this great pump it’s called the IntelliJ no pump it’s been out for a year or two and it’s just revolutionising the way the swimming pool pumps are being used today so I’m going to let Mike talk to you about it and go from there Thanks break and tell afloat pumps are eluted unique traditional swimming pool pop is the biggest energy hog you will have at your residence outside of HVAC the atella flow pump is main goal is to reduce energy costs if the technology we have here on the variable speed is driven by it what we call a drive that allows the pump to function at variable speeds most swimming pool pumps are single speed or to speed with a variable speed you have almost infinite speeds and you can dial it in to like a proper flow or the property p.m.


Of your home needs to be super longevity on these lumps they run very cool the life of spectin see on the motors are extremely high due to the fan cool motor that it uses in the rare earth magnets that drive it on top you’ll see the dr that’s the brain to the pump set that to the speed or something flowy you desire whatever you need for your situation if your swimming pool and it maximizes the energy efficiency super quiet super energy efficient will reduce your energy costs from a standard swimming in a release anywhere from 40 to 70 percent well that’s really amazing and these pumps are great for either or new construction or retrofit right these actually have these to an existing pool absolutely we’ve got an existing pool in new veneers in a traditional swimming pool pump you can put one of these guys on amateur eyes and paper so so it’s not even worth waiting until your pump burns out you can put these on now and they’ll actually pay for themselves in energy savings so instead of leaving your existing pool your standard pool pump running the energy hog come in now before it burns out put a new one in and you’ll save yourself money in the long run absolutely absolutely well great thanks for the information we’re here from the Atlantic City pullin spa show and it was good talking to him then free

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