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  • Inteolliflo 2vst Variable Speed Pump

    December 16, 2016
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    Inteolliflo 2vst Variable Speed Pump

    Are you shopping for a new generation, revolutionary power saver designed Variable Speed Pump for your corona home swimming pool?  This new generation of pumps is the perfect choice you should make to save greatly on your energy bills compared to the more common uniform speed pump.  This generation of pumps will help you save up to 90% of your energy bills and thus utilize the available energy effectively and efficiently that with the regular pumps. Your old pump is perhaps the reason why your power bills keep on rising with every new month. Check out the desirable specs of this type of pumps that make it the top choice for corona pool repair pros and pool owners.

    • Least expensive pump to operate

    As far as running costs are concerned, this is the cheapest pump for your pool. In addition to reduced energy consumption and savings you also get longer periods of operation without maintenance.


    • Operate at a full range of speeds from 600 – 3450rpm

    You can now vary the speed of your pump with up to 8 or more programmable speeds so that you can set your pump to run at the optimum speed for your pool size. This will also help linear program your speed and time to save on energy.

    • Very quiet

    These pumps are dramatically much quieter than traditional types by up to 4 times. You no longer have to live with the noise coming from that old pool pump of yours, you can now enjoy a quieter time by your pool because you deserve it. Thanks to this revolutionary new design that is possible.

    • Up to 90% savings

    Save big on your power bills with the new energy efficient and saving technology and get the work done faster. This is only possible if you purchase the latest smart tech for your pool control system. The efficiency of the whole system hinges entirely on the efficiency of your pump which is sort of like the beast of burden for the whole system.

    • Built in timer and programmable speeds

    You can now accurately gauge the speed and duration of operation of your pump because it has its own factory installed a timer.

    • Compatible with the latest pool control systems

    If you are looking to upgrade your pool control system then this is the perfect pump to take home.

    • Built-in diagnostic

    With the ability to troubleshoot on its own, you can expect it to run for longer without failing.

    Finally, it is worth noting that the amount of saving possible on your pool will vary depending on the current efficiency of your motor and the number of hours you keep your new pump working. Other factors that may affect the efficiency of your new pool pump are the pool size and length, pump model, service factor among other hydrodynamic and hydrostatic factors. In a nutshell this is the kind of pump you should take home for your corona pool repair. It is quite a bit of investment to begin with but will be much cheaper for you in the long run.

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