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Learn About Navigator V-Flex | Hayward Pool Cleaner

the Hayward Pool Cleaner,technology, which is a self adjusting variable vane now the key to the variable vane is that it’s really a clog-free system. Normally a suction cleaners if you have to pick up larger debris it can clog up the vane inside here and now it won’t be able to do anything from that point on. This self adjusts so it will actually pull that larger debris through and literally it’s a clog free system. So the variable vane technology inside there, allows you to go 20% less on a flow rate with a suction cleaner. Now if I go over here to the Navigator it also has the V-Flex technology in it, the variable vane technology with the smart Drive that everyone is familiar with and loves with the Navigator, it’s going to create a pattern in the bottom of the pool that’s going to ensure that it covers the entire floor of the pool.Hayward Pool Cleaner,clean pool

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i would tell you about all the exciting benefits of using salt chlorination for sanitizing your pool or spa. With salt chlorination pool owners consistently report that the water feels soft and silky and they no longer experience red eyes or itchy skin. The Hayward salt system eliminates the need to constantly purchase, handle and store harsh forms of chlorine chemicals. There’s no need to drain the water from your pool or spa when you install a new salt system. Hayward carries a complete line of salt chlorination products so consider converting your pool or spa to a hayward salt chlorination system so that you, along with your friends and family, can enjoy a healthier more enjoyable swimming experience.

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