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  • Learn About Universal ColorLogic | Hayward Pool Lighting

    February 3, 2018

    Hi I’m James Carter.Hayward Pool Lighting I’m the global product manager for Hayward’s LED product line. Today I’m going to talk about the Color Logic LED family of lights. One thing we’ve noticed in the industry is that pool illumination is no longer about the safety of nighttime swimming, it’s also about the backyard ambience that comes along with that. So we’ve developed a very versatile line of color LED lighting for illumination of this backyard experience. The lights are low voltage and UL listed, making them safe for floor and wall installation, they last ten times longer than their incandescent counterparts and they’re 100% brighter than any other color LED light on the market. To bring your water features to life at night, we also offer the inch and a half and half inch lights for more discreet pool and spa lighting. They’re perfect for highlighting blubbers, baja shelves, steps, benches and even landscape.

    The whole line it’s easy to install and blends seamlessly into your backyard giving you the high-end look and feel to match their performance. With Hayward’s lighting and water features, you’ll get unmatched performance and stunning results for your backyard environment that you can truly be proud of. Continue to visit hayward pool products at https://coronabrooksidepoolservice.com Make sure to subscribe to our channel to learn more about Hayward Pool Products. You can even view more videos corona brookside pool professional near you.

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