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Max-Flo VS Variable-speed Pump Programming and Troubleshooting

Max-Flo VS Variable-speed

Welcome to the max flow vs variable speed training video this video will cover installation programming and troubleshooting it is provided for you to better understand our products and how they operate before beginning installation make sure you read the installation manual included with the pump carefully and completely this video was designed to serve as a quick overview and does not replace or supersede the detailed installation operation requirements set forth in the products owner and installation manual for a free additional copy of the manual please visit as with all Hayward Pumps make sure the pump will not be located in an area that may be subject to flooding submerge pumps or motors are not covered under warranty to ensure proper operation make sure to supply the proper plumbing pipe size and configuration that will maximize the MaxFlow variable speed hydraulic efficiency take care when plumbing the pump to avoid allowing PVC glue or primer from entering the internal pump or drive components in addition make sure all electrical wiring conforms to local codes regulations and the National Electric Code the max flow variable speed operates at 230 volts AC 60-hertz single phase voltage the amp reach is rated at the pump is not designed for 115 volts AC installations wiring to 115 volts will cause permanent damage to the motor and drive also ensure the pump is properly bonded and grounded for safety to begin installation turn off all electrical power at the circuit breaker decks remove the wiring access cover on the motor drive this is done by removing the four screws on top of the cover you see that three millimeter hex wrench when the cover of the drive is removed care should be taken to ensure no wiring strands or other debris are allowed to fall into the drive area or motor next remove the three wires that service test leads for factory performance testing they are connected to terminals l1 l2 and ground these leads are not to be used to connect load power to the pump next connect the 230 volt AC line power supply wiring to the terminal block and ground wire to the grounds screws as shown in the input power wiring diagram in the manual you will notice the ground lug incorporates a washer so make sure it does not fall into the internal section of the motor or onto the circuit board up the drive make sure to utilize a water tight conduit connection to the pumps drive to ensure no water gets into the pumps drive or motor connect the pump to the pool bonded system using number eight bare wire for Canada number six bare wire is used unlock for bonding is provided on the outside up the drive enclosure after all electrical connections have been made replace the wiring access cover on the motor drive make sure the motor lead wires are routed in such a way that the wiring access cover can be installed and seated fully without interference note that the screws are two different links and that longer set of screws should go in the rear holes of the drive in addition the display cannot be rotated 180 degrees it must stay in its original position facing the rear the motor now we will review start up in programming first we see the pump display as viewed when the pump is not powered up you will notice the power LED at the top left as well as the display are not eliminated in addition the LED’s for the speed buttons v1, 2, and 3 are not illuminated when power is applied to the pump we see that the power LED is now illuminated and that the display shows the drive revision number and then the RPM’s of the pump while in prime Road while in prime mode, pressing the display function button will advanced the display to also show the about of time remaining: and prime mode as well as the amount of power being consumed in watts the pump is set to start in the default prime mode which is three thousand RPM’s for three minutes when priming is complete the pump will switch to speed v3 the pump will then run at v3 speed for its program time and then switch to speed v1 the default speeds and times are as follows: v1 1500 rpm and no timer v2 2400 RPM’s for 12 hours v3 3000 rpms for 12 hours to configure the pumps speeds and timers begin by pressing and holding the display function button until the configuration menu is displayed the first selection will be the prime mode.

press the up or down arrows to adjust the prime time from 0 minutes up to four minutes NexPress the display function button edit the speed setting for v1 you will notice the V1 LED is now blinking to indicate the pump is in the configuration menu the up and down arrows are used to adjust the speed between six hundred RPM’s and 3,000 rpm which are the minimum and maximum speeds for v1, v2 and v3 pressing the display function button again will display the speed setting for V2 use the Up and Down arrows to adjust when the display function button is pressed again you will see the timer setting for v2 to change press the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the time anywhere from thirty minutes up to 23 hours and 30 minutes next press the display function button to change the speed setting for v3 press the display function button again to change the timer setting for v3 when changes are complete Press that display function button to save settings now we can view our changes by pressing v1 v2 or v3 when we press v1 we first see the speed that is currently set pressing the display function button well display the current power consumption shown by the letter P when we have selected either v2 rev3 pressing the display function button once will display the remaining time left on that timer shown by the letter H pressing the display function button again will show the current power consumption for that speed when the run stop button is pressed at anytime during normal operation stop will be displayed on the screen the pump will come to a stop and will remain stopped until the run stop button is pressed again at which point the pump will resume normal operation to make a quick speed change to either v1 v2 or v3 while they are running press the up/down arrow buttons to increase or decrease the speed the LED for the change speed will begin to flash to save the speech change press both the up and down arrow buttons at the same time the LED should now be solid showing that speed has been changed after prime mode, the pump will automatically go to speed and time for v3 it will then change to v1 after the time set for v3 is complete v2 can only be engaged by pressing the V2 button the park does not automatically switch to v2 at any time here is an example of a possible installation for the max flow vs we can connect the pump to a switch time clock or filter control relay of a controller for daily start-up at v3 for speed and duration and then the pump automatically change to speed v1 at the end of the v3 timer as an example we could start up in v3 as a cleaner speed and then run v1 at a lower filtration speed this leaves v2 available for non-daily applications such as backwash we are now going to talk about basic troubleshooting when troubleshooting the pump it may be useful to run the pump without program functions being active this can be done in the service mode which only allows for motor RPM’s to be changed service mode is entered by removing power to the pump and then pressing and holding the display function button as power is turned back on test will then briefly be shown on the display and the LED’s for v1 through v3 will blink together to remind the user service mode is enabled the pump RPM’s can now be adjusted using the up and down arrow buttons to exit from service mode cycle the power to the pump off and back on if needed you can reset the pump to factory default settings remove power from the pump and then press and hold the run stop button while applying power back to the pump when the pump is turned back on the screen will display “reset” confirming that all settings have been reset to factory default settings the pump will then begin to operate in prime mode for professional help and service go to and select dealer locator which you will see if the top left of the website navigation bar next provide the zip code of where the pump is installed as well as 1.

a search radius 2. pool type 3. product repair & service and 4. variable speed pump lastly select submit and you will see all local Hayward authorized service centers who can assist with Max Flo vs installation programming or service thank you for taking the time to view this video we hope the information contained here has helped you with your Hayward backflow variable speed pump remember to visit hayward pool products at along with our social media sites for helpful information about your hayward products .

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