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Pairing Alexa with Hayward Omni Products

OmniLogic & OmniHub: Voice Control with Alexa App Owners of Haywards OmniLogic products with smart pool control, such as the OmniLogic pool and backyard automation system, the VS Omni variable-speed pumps or the OmniHub pool controller, can now enjoy the extra convenience of voice control with Amazon Alexa. Pairing your Omni products with Alexa is easy. Please note, your Omni system needs to be registered at and your Amazon product needs to be installed before proceeding. To pair your Omni products with Alexa, follow these 3 simple steps: Step 1: Add the Hayward Skill to the Alexa App Click on Add a Skill in the Alexa app, search for Hayward OmniLogic and click on it to add the Hayward Skill. Step 2: Activate the Skill In the Alexa app, search for Hayward and then select Enable to activate the skill. Step 3: OmniLogic App Login Enters the Hayward OmniLogic app login credentials, created at, then click Login That’s it! Your Hayward Omni products have been successfully paired with Amazon Alexa.

alexa app pairing

You can now try out a few commands such as, Alexa, ask Hayward to discover my pool or Alexa, ask Hayward set my pool heater to 85 degrees. In the Alexa app, under the Hayward Skill, you can also find built-in tutorials for navigation help such as: Alexa, Open Hayward or Alexa, Ask Hayward for help. To continue through the tutorial, when prompted, say, “continue To exit the tutorial say, Alexa, stop.

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