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  • Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner

    January 19, 2018
  • This  Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner has a cause, to destroy dirt and debris Fight filth suck up sand the new rebel suction side pool cleaner from the innovators at Pentair Join the two-wheel revolution in the fight against dirt and debris The new rebel features an elegant ultra modern design with programmed cleaning cycle for superior maneuverability for complete thorough pool cleaning coverage in every direction every corner and 90 degree angle clean up to the tile line the unique dual action roller skirt cleans up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning its powerful sure flow turbine allows dirt and debris to pass through easily without clogging works economically and efficiently with variable speed pumps at lower speeds snaps open for easy serviceability and works perfectly on all pool surfaces see the new rebel with a cause to clean at a Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner dealer near your backyard oasis and spend more time enjoying your pool less time cleaning it,

    Product Components

    • OneTwo-wheel design for outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces
    • TwoSure-Flow Turbine design allows dirt and debris to easily pass through the Rebel cleaner, avoiding the clogging that can shut down competing two-wheel cleaners
    • ThreeQuick-Release Latch allows top access for ease of servicing
    • FourAction Roller Skirt maneuvers up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning

    Advanced Hydraulic Technology

    This innovative technology makes the Rebel ideal for use with variable speed and two-speed pumps at lower speeds. So, the cleaner is a complement to any pool environment.

    Dual-Action Roller Skirt

    This feature allows the Rebel to move up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning. It maneuvers from deep to shallow bottoms, up 90-degree floor-to-wall angles all the way to the water line and into tight spaces that other cleaners miss.

    Easy To Operate And Service

    The Rebel cleaner is simple to operate. Just attach the hoses, connect at the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line and off it goes, devouring debris of all shapes and sizes. And, the quick-release latch provides top access for easy serviceability.



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