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  • The Poolvergnuegen white and blue two-wheel PoolCleaner model is ideal for light-bottomed pools, and has a number of unique features. Self-adjusting turbine vanes maximize power the flow of water, so the cleaner can move at low suction and pressure, and the folding vanes allow for clear passage of larger debris through the cleaner.
    The PoolCleaner's internal programmed steering system causes the left wheel to switch to reverse periodically, allowing the cleaner to move in another direction. Five programmed turns ranging from 90 to 450 degrees, allow it to cover both ends of the pool easily, and keep it from getting stuck in a corner or hung up by the main drain.

    One of the PoolCleaner's most distinctive features is its patented tire treads, which give it better climbing ability and maneuverability. The tires also come with tread wear markers to let you know when they need replacing. The front tires' raised treads allow the cleaner to overcome any reasonable obstacles and uneven surfaces, making it ideal for most pool surfaces and shapes. Fiberglass pools will need optional tape tires.

    The PoolCleaner's adjustable skirts allow it to maintain optimal suction under the unit even when encountering obstacles. One (or more) of the skirts will lift up over the obstacle while maintaining suction under the cleaner.
    The white and blue PoolCleaner is also available in a four-wheel model
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  • Kreepy Krauly®

    Kreepy Krauly

    The legendary Kreepy Krauly cleaner just keeps getting better.

    It’s been redesigned for greater cleaning coverage from the water line to the pool bottom. But it still gives you all the simplicity and reliability that over three million owners have trusted for decades. Kreepy Krauly cleaner’s powerful suction relentlessly removes dirt and debris automatically. And with only one operational moving part, you can count on years and years of dependable service, and an exceedingly low cost of operation.

    Learn more about the Kreepy Krauly cleaner and if this model is the best fit for your pool with our Selection Tool.


    • Redesigned for greater cleaning coverage from water line to pool bottom.
    • Powerful suction makes removal of both large and small debris a cinch.
    • No wheels, gears, or diaphragms to continually replace or repair.
    • Regulator valve automatically adjusts water flow to set the ideal speed for maximum cleaning performance.
    • No expensive, energy draining booster pump to buy, saving you significantly on your utility bills.
    • Installs in minutes, with no tools required.

    Kreepy Krauly® SandShark

    Inground Pool Cleaner

    Kreepy Krauly SandShark

    Foot pad features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins which easily dislodge stubborn dirt and debris. Cuts a 12″ wide cleaning path and easily cleans gunite, fiberglass and vinyl surfaces in all types of inground pools.

    Learn more about the SandShark cleaner and if this model is the best fit for your pool with our Selection Tool.


    • SmartTrac programmed steering assures complete cleaning coverage from the pool floor to the waterline, maneuvering the SandShark cleaner around corners, swim-outs and steps
    • Two-way cleaning action – superior footpad design scrubs and dislodges debris from the pool surface while its powerful vacuum action whisks it away
    • Wide body design allows the SandShark cleaner to cut a broad 12″ cleaning path for fast cleaning
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