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    Brookside Pool Service doesn’t just provide pool service in Corona, California, we live here too! We have cleaned and maintained pools for 20 years right here in Corona/Eastvale. Since Corona is home, we are familiar with the area and know the challenges you face with your pool. Our owner has been in the Corona area for 48 years!

    We believe in loyalty to our customers. That means that we show up on time and give you the quality service you expect. We’ll be there for you what ever your needs are , such as:

    •  Regular pool maintenance
    •  Emergency repairs
    •  Filter cleaning
    •  Pool cleaning, tile cleaning
    •  Water changing
    •  New plaster, tile, and Pebble Tech start-up processes

    Don’t Neglect Regular Pool Service in Corona, California

    Consider scheduling us for regular maintenance! Neglected pool maintenance can result in serious bacterial illnesses, not to mention an unpleasant, slimy swim.

    We know caring for the pool is not your favorite chore. That’s why we offer weekly services to keep algae and bacteria at bay. You can customize your service plan to address any or all of these pool issues:

    •  Netting of debris on the surface and floor
    •  Vacuuming
    •  Skimmer and pump cleaning
    •  Brushing walls to combat algae growth
    •  Filter cleaning and replacement

    Enjoy your pool any day of the year without having to worry about cleanliness or safety. Call today to speak with a swimming pool maintenance specialist: (951) 735-3612.

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