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  • the PoolCleaner

    January 21, 2018
  • the PoolCleaner hayward ,I’m going to give you some tips and troubleshooting if you have the pool cleaner the next generation will have this label on the back so when you purchase the cleaner comes with the skimmer hook up and the side port attachment I have a video on installation of the pool cleaner on my channel you can refer to that if you need help installing the cleaner itself and you purchased a pool cleaner the lead hose comes with you floats already attached to it at the right position go ahead and leave those where they’re at that’s the optimal position for the pool cleaner to operate in your pool I also suggest to keep the pump running efficiently to get a canister here we’re canister with a good choice a great leave canister a long lasting and durable so the only part you’re going to change probably in the first five years are these rubber tires every 12 to 18 months you can see these wear marks here once it gets down to that mark go ahead and change the tires out you can see them all along the tires here and one thing to note as the tires and the hump wear down the cleaner will climb higher in the wall so just the suction down accordingly and so if you do have a vinyl or tile pool go ahead and get a razor blade go ahead and just cut the humps off with the tires and see if that helps they get around the pool better and if you do cut the humps off and it still like getting full coverage of your pool you may need to order these tape tires as it yet the pool cleaner next generation isn’t shipping with the different throats you can go ahead and call hayward and get the large throat inlet so a large store inlet will allow the cleaner to find better on the walls you can either get the white one or if you have the limited edition they have a black version okay so to switch out the throat with the large one is very easy you just push on these two tabs here and this one comes right out they’re marked L and are for left and right you can see Ln are marked here and then go in one way you just snap it in there with the large mouth conservative the pool cleaner would do a better job of climbing up the walls once in a while debris will get jammed inside the cleaner you’re going to get it out by putting your finger in here just turning in spinning the turbine that usually dislodges any debris you need to take the top I’ll play that right now it’s really easy to take the top out there’s three screws holding it on I’m just going to remove these three screws take these out you’ll see the turbine here there’s a shield on it take that right off you’ll see the turbine so go ahead and just spin it get any debris that’s stuck in there should come right out once in a while but you’ll find it clear not working and there’s no debris in there carefully slide each of these vanes out and you may find a pebble stuck in one of them causing the problem sometimes the pebble will get stuck in here it’s not very common but it may happen you just slide them out like that on occasion you know how very large debris in your pool that may jam up the turbine what you can do is take out one vein you can run the cleaner with one vein out you can even run it with two veins out it’ll still run fine just take two veins out put everything back together and it’ll run good and allow the big debris to pass right through just put the turbine and shield back on they match up like this with these holes on the bottom and go in there like that and on rare occasions if you find your hose is tangled up the swivel may have something jammed in it usually it’s not a problem just go ahead and take the scuffle and spin it see if the spins freely and I find the gear is very reliable in this cleaner I haven’t had to change one out in over six years the top goes back on really easy you take the screws out you’re going to place it on there put the screws back in now is ready to be screwed back together and the older pool who knew again these skirts were hard to get out sometimes they’ll break or the hit an obstacle and they’ll pop out they’re easy on the next generation you just pull the mouse out you slide right out like this there’s pretty easy to changes if you need to or to put one back in if it has fallen out that’s one of the great improvements with the next generation the wheels are very long-lasting on the cleaner occasionally you make the change one out if the teeth in there get stripped put a screwdriver in here just pop out this pin here pull it right out do the bearings in there pull that out towards you you see the teeth here they’re very long-lasting very durable I’ve only had to do this once in six years and if you ever have to change the bearings out simply is push your thumb through here and they come right out like that and the wheel sets right back on the cleaner like this no problem we’ll just stick the pin back in that’s a quick look at any kind of trouble you would have with the pullover new gun pool cleaner the next generation hope you found these tips helpful.


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