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  • The Importance of Weekly Pool Maintenance

    Having a pool on your property is a way to make your home stand out among others. Pools increase home values, heighten quality of life and may also make you the most popular person in the neighborhood. Imagine floating and drifting along lazily on your pool raft as the day ticks on by. While experiencing a pool can be a stress reliever, the work involved in maintaining a pool is not always easy.The daily act of skimming out debris such as leaves, twigs and bugs is a simple enough task; it is just tedious and may take a while depending on the size of your pool. The more intricate tasks, such as ensuring the correct chemicals are added to the water, and keeping a current maintenance schedule, could be enough work to shy some away from the prospect of pool ownership.

    Corona Pool Service: Weekly Maintenance

    • The pool itself and all the associated filters and pumps are another large aspect of the pool maintenance experience. When the filters (larger pool = multiple filters) clog up with debris, the system must be back washed and cleared.
    • If your pump is performing poorly, water circulation will suffer which in turn promotes the growth of algae and other organisms. Visual inspection of the sides of the pool and hose and filter connections are also needed to ensure no leaks are happening.
    • If you discover that one of the vital components of your pool is broken or needs to be replaced, you can always hire our Corona pool service to replace the part for you. Realize that this is the most expensive route to follow, but that will ensure the job gets done right.
    • Replacement filters and pumps can be straightforward to install, just make sure you turn off all electrical fuses running to the pool before you start work.
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