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Zodiac + Jandy Pro Series pumps,zodiac pool systems

Jandy Pro Series II pump

zodiac pool systems

hello my name is Steve do Tai the zodiac pool systems this afternoon were here to announce the launch of two new products that we have that are part of our variable speed pump family the first one is the variable speed flow flow pump which is a compact pump that includes a digital onboard controller it’s perfect for retrofit applications the second one we’re going to launch is we’re launching an SP RS version of our a pump variable speed pump platform that is perfect for safety applications right now we’re going to look at the great features that are included with a variable speed flow Pro pump each variable speed flow Pro pump includes two inch unions an adjustable base and an onboard digital controller the two inch unions make it very easy to plug the PVC piping in the field the adjustable base feature gives you the ability to raise the height of the pump to other manufacturers Heights for pending replacement purposes that means you have to cut less plumbing to put the pump in now I’m going to move the pump around for one second and show you the last feature the last feature included is this onboard digital controller this digital controller includes two timers eight different speeds and it has a battery backup what the battery backup does is it gives you the ability to keep the time on the pump even if there’s a power outage that means the pump is running during the time that it’s meant to another great feature of this pump as well is that the digital controller can rotate on the top a hundred and eighty degrees that way depending on your plumbing orientation it makes it easy to put the digital controller and the screen and the direction you’d like it to be now let’s look at the great features that the jan de pump as though jde Punk now has the stops option which is a safety vacuum release system that aids in the prevention of body and Troutman one thing it’s nice with Jandy Pro Series II pump is it includes also the stealth pump wet end which is world-famous for the large unions that go up to three-inch that’s got the largest trot basket in the industry and it’s got all the great features that you get with ergonomic handles as well as handles on the back plate all of our variable speed technology uses permanent-magnet brushless DC motors which are the highest efficiency you can get in variable speed technology and the great thing about variable speed pumps is it gives you the ability to not only save big on your power bills but also make adjustments to the flow of a swimming pool so you can get the perfect aesthetic look to any pool spa or water feature for more information you can contact us at 882 7 9 3 3 or go straight to the web to WWJD a cool thank you

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