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Omni Logic Automation System

Introducing Omni Logic Automation System . The  simplest and most intuitive backyard automation system ever. Simple to install Simple to set up Simple to use Simple to love. Now you can do anything with water but walk on it. Omni Logic is unlike any other pool and spa controller on the market. With a simple tap or swipe, Hayward Omni Logic offers sophisticated control from the base unit, any computer or via our free app for smartphone or tablets to control and monitor filtration, heating, chlorination, pool and backyard lighting and water features.

Omni Logic Automation System A perfect pool is at your fingertips through one control system from anywhere in the world. Delivering a new level of outdoor experience and convenience, while ensuring a healthy sparkling pool and saving you time so you have more time for things you want to do. With Omni Logic you can create up to 25 preset backyard themes to control different settings, customized to your unique personality and mood, a romantic evening for two to a backyard birthday bash. Changing the mood of your outdoor area is now as simple as clicking a button! Built with USB-based updating and a saleable modular base, Omni Logic is easy to configure today and simple to expand tomorrow.Omni Logic Automation System

So no matter how fast technology moves or your backyard changes, you will always have access to unlimited software upgrades so your investment is completely future proof, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware upgrades to keep your backyard cutting edge. For advanced backyard control that’s simple to use, chose Hayward Omni Logic.

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Introducing OmniLogic-the simplest, most intuitive backyard automation system ever.
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